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Riding the green revolution – News – – Ashland, OR
Ashland Daily Tidings
Rubberneckers along Interstate 5 might catch a glimpse of a new billboard announcing a big organic hemp farm just below Paschal Winery on Suncrest Road in …


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Northwest Herald
Algonquin man gets probation for felony marijuana possession charge
Northwest Herald
WOODSTOCK – An Algonquin man escaped jail time and instead was sentenced to probation after he admitted to possessing marijuana in 2015 with the intent to sell the drugs. Cirilo Martinez, 42, pleaded guilty Monday to an amended charge of possession …


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“Beleaguered” Attorney General Jeff Sessions was named a defendant today in a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Controlled Substances Act as it pertains to Cannabis/Marijuana. In a 90-page Complaint, attorneys representing five plaintiffs maintain that the CSA, in classifying Cannabis as a “Schedule I drug,” is so irrational that it violates the U.S. Constitution.

In their Complaint, plaintiffs demonstrate that the Federal Government does not, and could not possibly, believe that Cannabis meets the definition of a Schedule I drug, which is reserved for the most dangerous of substances, such as heroin, LSD and mescaline. By way of comparison, cocaine and crystal meth are considered Schedule II drugs and are thus considered less addictive and less dangerous.

To be classified under Schedule I, a drug: (i) must have a high potential for abuse; (ii) must have absolutely no medical use in treatment; and (iii) cannot be used or tested safely, even under strict medical supervision. The plaintiffs point out that the Federal Government knows that Cannabis does not meet these requirements, especially given that, among other things, the Federal Government: (a) obtained its own medical patent based upon the Federal Government’s assertion that medical Cannabis is a safe and effective treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and HIV-induced dementia (among other conditions); (b) established a national policy to refrain from investigating and/or prosecuting medical Cannabis businesses and users in the 29 States and three other areas under American jurisdiction (including Washington, DC) that have legalized Cannabis for medical and/or recreational use; (c) provided instructions, through issuance of the FinCen Guidance, on how financial institutions can bank Cannabis business; and (d) admitted that Cannabis does constitute medicine, including through statements by the U.S. Surgeon General and a Federal Administrative Law Judge.

“The record makes clear that the CSA doesn’t make any rational sense, and the Federal Government knows it,” says Michael Hiller, lead counsel in the case. Hiller went on to explain that, “if the Federal Government doesn’t believe in the rationality of its own statute, it’s unconstitutional to enforce it.”

Among the other claims in the lawsuit are that the CSA: (i) was enacted and implemented in order to discriminate against African Americans and to suppress people’s First Amendment rights; and (ii) violates plaintiffs’ constitutional Right to Travel.

The plaintiffs include:

  • Retired professional football player and Super Bowl Champion, Marvin Washington, who desires, but is ineligible (due to the CSA) to obtain grants under the Federal Minority Business Enterprise program, to open a business that would allow professional football players (among others) to treat with medical Cannabis to reduce opioid dependency and addition;
  • An 11-year old girl, Alexis Bortell, who moved to Colorado from Texas so that she could treat her intractable epilepsy with medical Cannabis;
  • A six-year old Georgia boy suffering from Leigh’s Disease, Jagger Cotte, who has been using medical Cannabis to lengthen his life and control his otherwise excruciating pain;
  • Disabled military combat veteran Jose Belen, who uses medical Cannabis to control his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); and
  • The Cannabis Cultural Association, whose membership includes many People of Color who contend that the CSA was enacted and has been enforced in a discriminatory manner, rendering them unable to participate in, among other things, the Cannabis industry.

Lauren Rudick, a member of Hiller’s firm representing Cannabis businesses, observed that, at present, “more than 60% of Americans live in a jurisdiction in which medical Cannabis is legal.” She also remarked that a “4/20/2017 Quinnipiac poll found that over 90% of Americans support the use of medical Cannabis – and it’s near impossible to get 90% of the Country to agree on anything.” These numbers led Joseph Bondy, a federal criminal defense attorney and legalization advocate working as co-counsel with the Hiller firm on this case, to “question the agenda of those who continue to push for enforcement of the CSA, given its unlawful and discriminatory impact and that so few in America support such an effort.”

The defendants in the case are Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Acting Administrator of the DEA Chuck Rosenberg, the Justice Department, the DEA and the Federal Government. Co-counsel David Holland, a litigator and longtime advocate for legalization of Cannabis, noted that the “the efforts to criminalize Cannabis are relatively recent and were largely underwritten by racial and ethnic animus.” As reflected in the Complaint, African Americans and other Persons of Color are four times as likely to be arrested under the CSA than white Americans, even though Cannabis is used equally by People of Color and Caucasians.


Michael S. Hiller (212) 319-4000 x. 308 and (646) 408-5995
Lauren Rudick (212) 319-4000 x. 319 and (917) 405-4206
Joseph Bondy (646) 335-3988
David Holland (212) 842-2480 and (917) 861-2678

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Kajal Aggarwal’s former manager arrested with 4 gram of ganja in Hyderabad
The New Indian Express
HYDERABAD: A man, allegedly a close aide of Tollywood actress Kajal Aggarwal, is the latest to be pulled into the drug dragnet. Puttkar Ronson Joseph alias Johny Joseph, reportedly a former manager of the actress, was arrested by the SIT on Monday for …


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Guest Post by Faai Steuer, Senior Marketing Strategist at Cova All across the country, the burgeoning cannabis industry is primed for takeoff.  With 29 states allowing the use of medical […]


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Petoskey News-Review
Initiative pushes state marijuana legalization vote
Petoskey News-Review
LANSING — Recreational marijuana legalization might be on the state ballot next year, because of a relatively new ballot initiative with backing from a national advocacy group. The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, an effort funded by the


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$wami – everything will be fine, I promise @hauntxr @SwamiAlchemist | $KPD

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The cannabis marketplace continues to roar, and not just due to the addition of new adult-use voices around the country, including Nevada, which launched adult-use sales this month. Sales in Colorado and Washington, which are into their fourth year of adult-use sales, as well as in Oregon (which staggered adult-use between 2015 and 2016) have not dampened over time, according to BDS Analytics, a leading market research firm in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis sales continue to rocket up, year after year.

Year-to-date through May, cannabis sales in CO, OR and WA reached $1.16 billion, which is 35.4 percent ahead of last year’s sales. This is enormous, and enviable, growth for any industry.

The growth, however, did not rise equally among the many different categories of cannabis sales, including flower, edibles, flower and topicals, among others. More than half of the growth, in fact, is due to one category — concentrates. The world of vapes, shatter, wax and more is responsible for 52 percent of the growth in retail sales among these states. In addition, nearly one-third (30 percent) of the dollar increase comes specifically from a subcategory — vape products. Candy, a subcategory of the broader edibles category, added the second-most dollars and flower came in third during this year-long period.

With adult-use cannabis sales now taking place in Nevada, with California and other states close behind, numbers like these suggest growth has enormous potential to continue its epic boom.


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Quad City Times
Brothers charged in federal marijuana case
Quad City Times
On Thursday, police searched Lamaar Moore’s home in the 1200 block of Jersey Ridge Road and found about nine empty one-pound-sized, vacuum-sealed-type bags with marijuana residue. Agents also located about two pounds of high-grade marijuana …


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This week Sean Kush visits another underground private cannabis social club in Barcelona and checks out the buds and shatter hash they have available to private club members. Sean also talks with one of the owners of Greenardo about the laws and regulations involved with the cannabis scene in Barcelona Spain.


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