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Recently, Attorney General Eric Holder said the Obama Administration would be happy to work with Congress on changing federal marijuana laws. Of course, this announcement caused the majority of the cannabis community to go buck wild with anticipation of marijuana soon bec...



This week’s Getting Doug with High guest is Dominic Monaghan, a very funny dude that turns out to be a high functioning stoner. Who knew?

For more episodes of Getting Doug With High, make sure to visit Doug Benson’s YouTube channel by clicking through the source below.

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Tax revenues from Colorado’s medical and recreational marijuana sales in February increased from the previous month, according to figures released Wednesday by the state.


The receipt from Colorado's 1st recreational marijuana purchase, in the hands of customer Sean Azzariti

Colorado collected $3.2 million in taxes in the month February, below the state’s projection of $3.7 million, but slightly above above the $2.9 million it gathered in January.

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In February, Colorado collected $1.43 million from a special 10 percent sales tax on recreational marijuana, plus another $438,253 from the state’s standard 2.9 percent sales tax.

The 2.9 percent sales tax on medical marijuana produced revenues of $1.022 million in February, an increase from the $913,519 collected in January and far above the $791,000 the state had projected in February.

Conversely, the state projected that the 15 percent excise tax on the sale of recreational marijuana would bring in $739,330 — the actual total was $339,615, 54 percent below expectations. The 15 percent excise tax produced $195,318 in January.

For the complete figures, make sure to click through the source below to head over to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

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Cannabis hydro resevoir drip systemBoth systems will work well in a marijuana garden. With the reservoir system, you’ll use horticultural clay pellets or pea-sized volcanic lava in plastic pots. The containers are put in a tray that contains a water-nutrient solution that is about one quarter of the height of the container. A container that is 10 inches high will have about one inch of soaking rock. A large portion of the medium stays above the waterline. Capillary action keeps the rock moist by drawing up water. All the clay pebbles in the container remain moist as long as water says in the reservoir.

As soon as the water-nutrient solution is added to the tray, plain unenriched water needs to be added to keep the water level and strength of the nutrient solution at equilibrium. As water evaporates, the concentration of nutrients rises. Adding water will lower it.

Most of the literature suggests that roots should not be sitting in water. There are two reasons why this is occasionally true. First, the sitting water might not have dissolved oxygen. The roots utilize oxygen and will incur diseases without it. Second, some mediums are incredibly dense and take up so much water that there isn’t any air left. The roots then suffer from a lack of oxygen. In a reservoir system, large air spaces are left in between pieces of clay pebbles or lava so that there is enough air and the roots can access the oxygen more easily. Download my free grow guide for more tips&trick at this link

Roots that grow into the water look different than those that grow above it. They won’t have the fine network of root hairs and are denser even in water that has been depleted of oxygen. Other roots appear to supply oxygen to the roots in the water.

Marijuana gardeners concerned about a lack of oxygen for the water roots can infuse the water with the gas with a small air-stone attached to an air pump. The column of rising bubbles moves the water around. A larger amount of the surface area contacts the air and absorbs oxygen while releasing CO2.

The never ending drip system also utilizes clay pellets or pea-sized lava in containers that are sitting in a tray that drains into a reservoir below. A pump supplies a constant gentle stream of water through the tubing to each container so that a wispy stream of water is always trickling over the stones. This system is rather easy, but it still promotes vigorous growth. Keeping the drain hole blocked with the tubing that raises the drain to the desired height makes for an easy combo constant drip/reservoir system. With this, the marijuana plants are receiving a constant stream of water and the water roots are given space in the reservoir.

Small, submersible pumps don’t use that much power and produce small amounts of heat. They can be used in reservoirs effectively without running the risk of boiling the roots. In general, the water temperature needs to be kept at around 72*F.

Check out my marijuana seedshop  for a wide selection of top-quality marijuana seeds . We ship to the United States, Canada, and numerous other countries. All customers get 24/7 grow support. And don’t forget to download my free grow bible…


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He is letting his voice be heard though, despite the suspension, that he is an advocate for marijuana and its uses. It is clear by his suspension that he is a user of cannabis but Sanders doesn’t just support cannabis recreationally he believes it helps medically as well. We are hearing about more and more athletes using marijuana as a medical rehab if you will explaining that is less damaging than most other “drugs” that are allowed in leagues today.

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“I believe in marijuana and the medical side of it”

Sanders was quoted saying: “I will deal with the consequences from it. It’s a banned substance in my league.But I believe in marijuana and the medical side of it. I know what it is if I’m going to use it. I study it and I know the benefits it has. In a lot of ways we’ve been deprived. You can’t really label it with so many other drugs that people can be addicted to and have so many negative effects on your body and your family and your relationships and impairment. This is not the same thing” according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Larry Sanders believes that the only reason he was suspended was because it’s ‘illegal’ and that he has studied the progression and medical uses of marijuana and promotes that once prohibition is lifted these situations will start to go away.

Unlike other athletes who make rants on Twitter or putting pictures on Instagram of the herb, Sanders has faced the fact that it is still disallowed by his job and that he is willing to deal with the consequences being given. Lets face is, I believe a suspension from your job is better than being arrested which is why this story hasn’t caught as much attention. Sanders has already apologized for to the organization and also the fans but still stands by his beliefs.

The NFL has made comments about making small steps towards possibly allowing medicinal cannabis in their field of work but the NBA has yet to really make any noticeable progression. Unfortunately I believe the only thing that the league see’s from this situation is to mandate more drug tests, especially for susceptible players like [Sanders].

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Bones: “CBDs account for the medicinal effects of marijuana,” playing into the growing meme that somehow THC is just for getting high, so it’s not medical.



I’ve really enjoyed every season of Mad Men, but the episodes with marijuana and LSD are my favorites. And as they go through the 50′s into the 60′s and are now at 1968, it’s going to be an interesting season for sure.

The final season to begin this Sunday at 10|9c. 

Video not working? Try the embedded version below:

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LOS ANGELES — California voters strongly favor legalizing marijuana. The state Democratic Party adopted a platform last month urging California to follow Colorado and Washington in ending marijuana prohibition. The state’s lieutenant governor, Gavin Newsom, has called for legalizing the drug.


Whatever your reason for meat abstinence, it’s crucial to be aware of the dankest destinations in your city to score your other favorite greens (along with delicious reds, yellows, purples, oranges...) so you can do away with cooking a few meals here and there witho...



“Hey guys, want to do the shrooms we have laying around in the fridge?”

I was just about to start watching our regular daily stint of tv shows with a close friend of mine, when a third friend asked that very question out of the blue. Without hesitating, we both said yes. I hesitated a little at first, but figured I’d join in, not wanting to be the party crasher. And I don’t regret it at all.

The dose of dried up, cut up shrooms we made tea from.

The dose of dried up, cut up shrooms we made tea from.

It was going to be my first trip in 2 years since we started this website, which actually originates from an idea we had on LSD. The shrooms we grew ourselves here in The Netherlands (legally too), had been dried after harvest and left in the fridge for whenever we decided to get our space helmets on again. We didn’t know if they would actually still work, or had any idea about the potency. A fourth friend joined in around this point, and we decided to make tea from about 20 grams of dried up shrooms.

We cut the shrooms to little pieces, added them to boiling water and added some tea bags as well for the taste. When distributing the tea over 4 cups, we added some honey to furthermore cover the horrible taste. This all made taking the shrooms a more enjoyable experience and not much longer we found ourselves laying around in various couches in my room.

The Trip

I didn’t drink the whole load at once unlike the others, and was still fiddling around with the music and rolling a joint while the others had already left earth and were bonding with the universe. For one of them it was the first psychedelic experience ever, after having only tried alcohol and cannabis before so it was interesting to see how he’d react.

Riding waves of euphoria…

When I finished the joint and had found the right, relaxed music and saw how far the others were gone already, I took one last big sip and settled down on my spot on the couch for the evening. The trip started incredibly fast, perhaps within half an hour. The last experience being LSD and having tried psilocybin truffles many times, we expected to still have about one boring hour before they’d kick in. And they did. Big time.

It was around midnight by then and everyone that could potentially disrupt our trip had gone to sleep. I followed the music when my mind started rambling and getting off track. We tried talking but our conversations were going nowhere. At some point, someone walked by the room we were tripping and I remember calling him and explaining we were on a shroom trip and were doing great. While the idea of the conversation seemed to be good in my head, it turned out to be a lot more difficult to actually converse. I remember saying something like “Shrooms! Doing good!” with a smile on my face.

He stood in the doorway for a while and not long after left after which we started peaking. We were riding waves of euphoria, often grasping at the shared consciousness, coming to a full understanding of each other which usually ended up in laughter. Our first timer probably said “Holy shit” about a twenty times, which every time caused for a smile to appear on my face. He was seeing what we had seen before and were finally seeing again. It makes you realize you can’t just take everything for granted and be a dick to other people. We should spread love and positive vibes. Eddie Vedder, Lou Reed and even Andrea Bocelli played in the playlist that I lost control over somewhere around that time. The soundtrack from Into The Wild by Eddie Vedder became the truth and as Lou sang, it really was a perfect day.

…it really was a perfect day.

It made me realize how much I’m going to miss this place when I finally decide to cross the ocean and move to Denver to start running the website from the promised land for obvious reasons.

When we finally came down from the peak, while still heavily tripping, we decided to venture in the living room, leaving no person behind. It took a while, but when one of us suggested the idea of going outside, we all had this sense we wanted to do it. At first, we were standing just outside in our normal (summer-ish) clothes staring at the clouds. We stood there for a while, but we wanted more.

Going outside

We decided to go back inside and find shoes and a coat, because we figured that’s what normal people would do. So we did. This probably took another half hour, getting outside, realizing we forgot something or someone and having to go back inside, after which we finally stood outside in front of our beautiful graffiti painted door.

We gathered and tried to stick together as we started to walk towards this park area (where also a cemetery is at) where we would hopefully be able to see more of the stars. While walking there and even after arrival, we kept thinking about how weird it must have been for someone to see us. But we probably only encountered about 3 people that probably figured we were drunk, or didn’t think anything about us at all. We moved as one, each one of us resembling a “corner” while remaining equal. The first timer was talking about Nepal and goats by then, thinking we had heard of this Rowan Atkinson sketch, but we really thought he was moving to Nepal to be a goat. Anyways… When we had stood in the park for a while, we decided to finish our outside tour as we had to get back and check up on what we had left behind.

“I’m going to Nepal to be a goat”

This city, while not that beautiful by day, by night and on shrooms turned out to be beautiful. I was impressed by the perfect trees and all the lights and signs at the intersection we passed. Luckily, we managed to find our way back home and ended up in the living room. Feeling good, while still heavily tripping and trying to make conversations, we managed okay and decided it was time to listen to music and lay down again. Not long after, at around 5 AM, the first timer decided he was pretty much done tripping and was going to bed. The person that came up with the idea was by then laying on my bed and fell asleep not long after too.

Me and my friend that was left, were back where we started and I gave rolling a joint another try, which after several times of losing my focus, eventually became something we could smoke. After the smoke, listening to some more music, the guy that was laying on my bed woke up and took a hit and ate something to still his hunger. He fell back asleep not long after, after we decided to go watch the latest episode of Cosmos during the comedown of our trip. I managed to follow the episode pretty good, but I often found my thoughts wandering off and when I realized it I would refocus my attention and get back on track.

Final words

After the episode, at around 7 AM, the trip was sadly over. I didn’t really want to sleep and barely couldn’t. I wanted to stay awake. Alive. I was happy and content with myself, unlike the first few trips I did years ago. I’ve gone on this path and I’m at peace with myself at last.

Going on this trip, was probably the best thing I’ve done in a long time. It also made me realize again and reconfirm how much shrooms and psychedelics in general can help depressed people and guide terminal ill people to their inevitable death.  I still strongly believe everyone in the world should at least once go on a trip. Just get over your doubts, stop worrying and just do it. You’ll feel better, become a better/kinder person to people around you and generally learn there’s more to life than that which we can perceive.

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Naysayers in the Mile-High City feared that doobies would lead to doomsday once Colorado’s recreational marijuana sales began in January. However, recent reports reveal the gates of Hell have still not opened.


Possession of personal quantities of cannabis will no longer be a crime in Maryland under a law passed April 7 and sent to Gov. Martin O'Malley.


A Missouri State Representative named Bill Lant is a Republican who represents Missouri’s 159th District.  It’s a small, rural district dominated, if you can call it that, by the little town of Anderson, population 1,998. Aarden Gross is a 27-year-old constituent of Bill Lant’s, just 26 miles away in tinier unincorporated Rocky Comfort.  Aarden is [...]
Recently Eric Holder was quoted as saying that he would be willing to work with Congress to look into rescheduling marijuana. Currently marijuana is a Schedule 1 substance according to the Controlled Substances Act. This means that according to the federal government, marijuana has no medical value, which is a slap in the face to [...]
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