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Mangaluru: Ganja consumption – two arrested from Kulur
Mangaluru, Feb 16: Police personnel attached to Kavoor station here arrested two persons from near Kulur bus stand on Wednesday February 15 for consuming ganja. Allegedly, Shalu Poojary (33) from Hosabettu Kulai and Naveen Ameen (23) from …


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ABC Online
Cannabis oil producer speaks out: ‘I just help people’
ABC Online
In a secret suburban location in Adelaide, Mr Rayner showed 7.30 how he prepares the oil by mixing alcohol with cannabis and carefully separating and distilling the mix into a thick paste. While he knows what he is doing is illegal, he said he gets
Central Coast revealed as underground home of cannabis
Government establishes advisory council on medicinal cannabisAustralian Journal of Pharmacy (registration) (blog)

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films 5 Classic Stoner Movies You Need To Watch

Weed and movies make an awesome combination. Movies about weed are even better. Even after seeing your favorite classic stoner movie for the ten-thousandth time, you’re still going to laugh your ass off. We recommend sitting back, lighting up and enjoying these five classic stoner movies.

1. Friday

2 420 movies friday 5 Classic Stoner Movies You Need To Watch
Photo credit

One day in the life of Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, chilling on a South Central porch with a head full of smoke.

Probably one of the most quotable movies on this list, it’s a cult classic and a stoner movie phenomenon.

2. Pineapple Express

4 1 5 Classic Stoner Movies You Need To Watch
Photo credit

Seth Rogen visits his dealer James Franco and gets a taste of a rare new herb delicacy called Pineapple Express.

It’s, like, the rarest. It’s almost a shame to smoke it. It’s like killing a unicorn. With, like, a bomb.

With witty writing and a star-studded cast, it’s no surprise that this is a stoner classic. And Seth Rogen introduced the cross joint to a new generation.

3. Dazed and Confused

20 420 movies dazed and confused 5 Classic Stoner Movies You Need To Watch
Photo credit

The kids from a Texas high school are celebrating the start summer with freshmen hazing, a local pool parlor, and a keg party.

Truly a classic, it’s hard not to love this one. They spend practically every minute blazing to Aerosmith, arguing about aliens, sex and how much weed George Washington smoked.

4. Doobious Sources

doob1 5 Classic Stoner Movies You Need To Watch
Photo credit

The most recent addition to the stoner movie canon, Doobious Sources, is a reinvention of the genre that turns all the conventions upside down. Gone are the dimwitted wastoids, replaced by a couple of self-serving freelance video journalists who burn as many bridges as jays in their quest for newsworthy scandals.

It’s hilarious fun and perfect for inviting your buds over and getting baked. This one has all the makings of a modern stoner classic.

5. The Big Lebowski

john turturro jesus big lebowski scene 5 Classic Stoner Movies You Need To Watch
Photo credit

How does the Dude abide?

Oh, the usual. I bowl. I drive around. The occasional acid flashback.

The Dude, His Dudeness, Or Duder. No matter what you call him, you’ll know this movie is timeless and amazing; a real masterpiece. If you haven’t watched The Dude in action, you’re missing out.

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Time ‘running out’ for cannabis oil user
A young man struck down with a rare illness fears he has just months until life-threatening seizures return after his medical cannabis supply was cut off. Ben Oakley was a triathlon-fit teenager when the nervous system disease Stiff Person Syndrome

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By Celeste Miranda

Without a community, all you have is a space on the Internet. The days are no longer when you do a post to a blog and get 150 comments. Communities are no longer as visible or close, having given way too many social platforms in existence. Conversations that were in blogs have been driven away, primarily to social networks. Then Facebook Live came out, which changed the game even further. Cannabis entrepreneurs must learn to use the tools in different ways.

The interesting thing about Facebook is that it tells you exactly who your community is. You open Facebook Insights and you no longer must assume. FB Insights will tell you whatever you are looking for. But, here’s what I look for: the orange bar. What does that orange bar mean? Once you open your analytics, you will see the orange bar. I think it’s in the fourth column or so. It will show your reach compared to everything else that day. My team knows if the orange bar is short, don’t do it again. If the orange bar is long, let’s figure out how to do it over and over. It’s as simple as that.

Facebook doesn’t say there’s an algorithm (l love that). But what people don’t get is that when something happens it’s not the algorithm’s fault, it’s how your fans reacted to your post that caused it that amount of reach. If you put something popular out there, guess what, the algorithm likes it. Why does the algorithm like it? Because your fans like it. If you put something out there that’s a dog, people say the algorithm didn’t like it. No, it’s your fans that didn’t like it. The algorithm is numbers. There’s no emotion in the algorithm.

I’m obsessed with supporting things that I appreciate. Put your money where it will do good. This is the same concept. Every interaction on your page is a vote for that. Your fans are saying “we want more of that”. So, what do you do if there is a low orange bar? Read on…

Well, I play a game. Before I post something, I think “how far will it reach?”. Then you go back later and answer that question. Once you get good at this game 80-90% of the posts will not surprise you. They’ll fall in line with what your expectations are. Some days are better than others and you can’t throw your Facebook page out on one bad day of posts. So, if it’s something you think should have done better than the orange bar is showing, figure it out. Was it the image? Was it the content? Was it the time of day? Was it the topic? Here’s what I do… rewrite it, put a new image in and schedule it three days from now. Then go back and look at it again. It will all make sense then. If not, sometimes you should look deeper or sometimes, some posts are just dogs.

I still stand behind the fact that Facebook does not prefer third party schedulers, which can make your life hell if you are an agency like we are. But I figured out that Facebook does not like third party schedulers just because they don’t like third party schedulers. It’s because it takes you a step away from your analytics. If you are not looking at your FB analytics everyday but it is your job to run a Facebook page, what the heck are you doing?

Assuming you have spent time in your Facebook analytics, what do you do now to nurture the cannabis community you have? It’s one thing to schedule a post, but it needs to go beyond that. You can take what is popular and then expand on that. One of the things you can do is reader questions. People message the page a question. Post the question in its entirety and people will answer it. You can also take this to live video now. In live video, let the community weigh in. If you are not going to interact on FB Live, just do a YouTube video. Acknowledge every person by name. I recommend going live once a week for any cannabis CEO or top level executive. It will get more reach than anything else you post. Harness that. Leverage it for your community growth. I hate to say this, but when it comes to FB Live, the longer you go the better. People are constantly popping in and out. Some serious fans will stay the length. Those people always amaze me. Lol.

The other thing you can do is encourage people to post to your wall, then share things from your wall. You will find amazing content that way. You can share it or you can copy and paste it to a new post. Whatever you can do to show Facebook that people are engaging with you, you will want to reap the benefits of.

Facebook groups are like category extenders. Instead of having a highly niched blog or FB page, highly niche the group. So why would you choose to do it as a group instead of another page? There are pros and cons to an FB Group. You cannot advertise to a group but groups do get notifications and pages do not. That’s huge for engagement and for people popping on when you do a Facebook Live segment. It’s a bit more intense than running a page. It’s more of a close-knit community. It will impact your business, but figure out if the ROI is worth it. The community is your algorithm buster. If you can develop this, it will allow your business to regular get in front of this community. There is some power in the small. Rabid fans.

If your group can be a place where people go to vacation, whether work or not, that’s when you’ve won.


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Ethan Nadelmann 1 Ethan Nadelmann Resigns As Head Of The Drug Policy Alliance

Ethan Nadelmann, the founder and executive director of the advocacy group Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), announced his resignation from the organization in a farewell letter that has rippled through the activist community.

Nadelmann’s letter

Ethan Nadelmann hero Ethan Nadelmann Resigns As Head Of The Drug Policy Alliance
Photo credit

Nadelmann, who will be 60 next month, penned an open letter in late January announcing his decision to step down.

Nadelmann cited a number of reasons for his departure: he is past the age at which his father died, his feeling that he has already accomplished a great deal, and his thirst for new challenges ahead.

I am immensely proud to have played the role I did in the first generation of our movement and to know that there are so many exceptional people who will lead – indeed, are now leading – the second generation.

It’s time now for a new person to assume the leadership of the DPA and take this organization and our cause where they need to go.

Nadelmann said that he and the chairman of the DPA, Ira Glasser, had set a target date of the end of April for Nadelmann to relinquish his post. At that point, the organization’s former deputy executive director, Derek Hodel, is to serve as the interim executive director until a permanent successor is chosen.

Following up

Ethan Nadelmann 2 Ethan Nadelmann Resigns As Head Of The Drug Policy Alliance
Photo credit

In the time since he announced his pending departure, Nadelmann has given more details as to why he decided to leave his position.

In an interview with Marijuana Business Daily, Nadelmann said he had been planning the move even before Election Day. At that time, he thought he would be stepping down under a President Hillary Clinton.

Though he describes the new president as “the greatest threat to America’s security and democracy and our constitutional values since the Civil War,” he ultimately decided that the election of Donal Trump was not enough for him to alter his decision.

My plan is to step fully back, to make room for my successor, but to be available as needed, as an adviser, to help the organization without getting in the way.

Activist response

Ethan Nadelmann 3 Ethan Nadelmann Resigns As Head Of The Drug Policy Alliance
Photo credit

Nadelmann’s announcement was met with an outpouring of support from members of the cannabis community, many of whom hold Nadelmann in high esteem.

Anthony Johnson, the director of New Approach Oregon and a longtime cannabis legalization advocatewas unequivocal in his praise for Nadelmann.

Everyone involved with any movement today stands upon the shoulders of the giants that came before them.

Ethan Nadelmann is undeniably one of the giants of the cannabis legalization movement and the fight to end the greater Drug War.

Nadelmann’s departure was also lamented by NORML, which tweeted its thanks for Nadelmann’s years of service to the cause.

@ethannadelmann Thank you for all the important work you have done for many many years for the reform movement, wishing you the best.

— NORML (@NORML) January 27, 2017

The DPA itself tweeted out its thanks to Nadelmann for his service to the movement.

We are so grateful for everything you did to help shape the movement to end the war on drugs, Ethan, and we are indebted to your leadership.

— Drug Policy Alliance (@DrugPolicyOrg) January 27, 2017

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Leafly Investigation: California Has a Dirty Cannabis Problem
Once a hush-hush gathering open only to growers, the Emerald Cup is bigger and more commercial these days. But the marijuana movement’s hippie roots and “organic ethos” are still tangible at the cup. All of the cannabis is supposed to be grown under
GrowGeneration Expands Emerald Triangle PresenceNew Cannabis Ventures (blog)

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goodforbrain hero Is Cannabis Good For Your Brain?

Many people might think that there is no way a mind-bending, psychoactive plant can be good for your brain. While the research is mixed in regards to smoking cannabis for brain health, laboratory studies suggest that compounds in the herb may prove to be the brain healing drugs of the future. But, is cannabis really good for your brain? Here’s how the plant may encourage healing and fight aging.

Is cannabis good for your brain?

goodforbrain 2 Is Cannabis Good For Your Brain?
Photo credit

Though it is a bummer to say, there is no firm answer on whether or not cannabis is good for your brain. However, there have been several major scientific breakthroughs in the last decade that have had extremely positive results.

One such breakthrough happened in Ohio when researchers discovered that cannabinoids successfully reduced brain inflammation and memory in rodent models of Alzheimer’s disease.

In an interview with Leaf Science, Dr. Gary Wenk theorizes that cannabis is good for brain health, as long as you’re the right age. He explains:

I think all we can say safely so far is using low doses of marijuana for prolonged periods of time at some point in your life, possibly when you’re middle-aged to late middle-aged, is probably going to slow the onset or development of dementia, to the point where you’ll most likely die of old age before you get Alzheimer’s.

Wenk’s hypothesis may seem a little bold at the present moment, but there is some fascinating preclinical research that provides evidence for his claims. Cannabis may be one of the most influential brain-health tools of the decade.

Here are three ways that cannabis may be good for your brain:

1. Stress management

goodforbrain 3 Is Cannabis Good For Your Brain?
Photo credit

Many cannabinoids, the active compounds in cannabis, are neuroprotective antioxidants. This means that they help the body fend off damage caused by free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable compounds that come in the form of oxygen, environmental pollutants, and UV rays from the sun.

When these free radicals interact with cells or DNA in the body, they steal energy away and cause small amounts of damage. Antioxidants are compounds that neutralize free radicals, preventing toxins from causing damage to cells and DNA.

As neuroprotective antioxidants, cannabinoids are hypothesized to protect brain cells from damage caused by oxidative stress. One review of preclinical research, for example, states that cannabinoids even guard against neurotoxic waste products that contribute to neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

In Alzheimer’s research, the primary psychoactive in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), has reduced the buildup of amyloid plaques in laboratory models.

Amyloid plaque is a toxic protein buildup that prevents brain cells from properly communicating with one another. Over time, this plaque causes the heartbreaking degeneration seen with the disease.

2. Anti-aging

goodforbrain 4 Is Cannabis Good For Your Brain?
Photo credit

The neuroprotective properties of cannabis make it hot prospect in aging medicine. Some experts define aging as the accumulation of damage in the body. Free radicals and other forms oxidative stress are some of the primary causes of that damage.

As a powerful antioxidant, compounds in cannabis will perhaps one day be used as effective anti-aging therapies.

Neutralizing damage is not all the herb can do, however. Preclinical research shows that cannabis compounds promote neurogenesis in laboratory models. Neurogenesis is the process of growing new neurons.

In a 2005 study, researchers found that a synthetic cannabinoid promoted neurogenesis in adult rats. This neurogenesis was correlated to increased anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects.

This neurogenesis occurs in the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that controls memory, emotion, and the autonomic nervous system. Interestingly, this part of the brain is also the primary neuron-making factory.

Stress and aging are both two factors that slow down neurogenesis. Finding compounds or technologies that promote healthy activity in this region is competitive pursuit, and cannabis is an excellent contender for future therapies.

3. Trauma prevention

goodforbrain 5 Is Cannabis Good For Your Brain?
Photo credit

Some pharmaceutical startups are currently researching ways to make cannabis-based drugs that can prevent damage from concussion.

Kannalife Sciences hopes to one day harness the neuroprotective properties of cannabis and transform it into a pill athletes can take to reduce the damage of repetitive head trauma.

Kannalife Sciences also has exclusive rights for the commercialization of a US patent entitled “Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants.” The patent explores the potential of cannabinoid treatments in head trauma, neurological disorders, stroke, and much more.

The company’s CEO Dean Petkanas tells Fox News,

You have a repository of chemicals in the plant. But, more prominently we’ve found in some preclinical research that cannabidiol (CBD) acts as a neuroprotectant.

So, in the parlance of pharmaceutical science, we could be using that as a prophylaxis against repetitive concussive injury.

Some preclinical research in the area of stroke provides some evidence for the healing powers of the herb. A review published in 2014 reviewed the available animal literature on cannabis for stroke.

The study found that while cannabis did not decrease rates of death from stroke, compounds in the plant did reduce the amount of brain impacted by the overall event.

Of course, human research is sorely needed to put the brain-saving power of cannabis to the test. Though, another 2014 study published in The American Surgeon found that brain trauma victims that tested positive for THC before an injury had lower mortality rates than those without.

Is cannabis bad for your brain?

goodforbrain 6 Is Cannabis Good For Your Brain?
Photo credit

The research on cannabis and brain health is mixed and largely unsatisfying. Thus far, the heart of the debate centers on chronic adolescent and teen cannabis consumption.

In general, research is very suspicious of the potential long-term effects of protracted consumption in young, developing brains.

Though debated, cannabis is suspected to have more of a toxicity in the teen brain than in the adult brain. As explained by neuroscientist Dr. Francis Jensen, author of The Teenage Brain, cannabis may have a different effect in teenage brains than in those of adults. She tells NPR,

What’s interesting is that not only does the teen brain have more space for the cannabis to actually land, if you will, it actually stays there longer. It locks on longer than in the adult brain.

Of particular concern are teens who use the herb heavily prior to the age of 16. A 2014 study published in Psychopharmacology expresses concern that consumption of those under the age of 16 is associated with brain changes that may lead to more impulsive behavior and inattentiveness.

The same changes were not found in those who started cannabis after the age of 16. However, recent studies have found no links between adolescent cannabis consumption and decreased IQ or functioning.

One study examined 2,235 British teens, 24% of which had consumed cannabis prior to the age of 15. There was no difference in the IQs of non-consumers and those who had consumed the herb less than 50 times.

Tobacco use, however, was positively associated with lower IQ.

Cannabis can also cause some short and long term alterations to memory. In the short term, learning and retaining new information is difficult after consuming cannabis. In the long term, one 2016 study found that heavy cannabis consumers may have some trouble with verbal memory.

On average cannabis consumers can recall one less word than non-consumers on verbal memory tests. The study authors estimate that heavy consumers will lose the ability to remember one word for every five years of enjoying the herb.

The evidence about how cannabis affects the brain is highly controversial. While the herb certainly has an abundance of potential, adult consumers certainly seem to benefit more from the plant than a developing teen.

This is the primary reason why the legal age for cannabis purchase is 21 in the United States and 18 for those in the Netherlands.

For more details on the effects of cannabis on the brain, check out the article here.

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Chad Cesar x Mundo – After Hours @MUNDO_SHOY  | shot by @fatkidfilms | $KPD

Published by Fatkid FIlms

Chad Cesar Ft Mundo | After Hours | shot by @fatkidfilms | Edited By @moneylonger513 | Animations by @Al2times


For Music Video Information Contact Me @ [email protected]

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