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There are diverse kinds of breast cancers; some can be treated using certain kinds of medications (if detected on time) while others require specialized treatment. Not many people are aware of the fact that the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids (medical compounds found in marijuana herb) is now being explored with regard to the treatment of various cancers.  Many medical research reports have demonstrated the effects of cannabinoids in an array of cancers off late.


Studies show that medical marijuana strengthens the immune system and brings positive changes in the biological system of the patient suffering from breast cancer. Also, the cannabinoids in marijuana restrain the growth of cancerous cells by thwarting their propagation.  These compounds limit the spread of cancer cells in the body.

Why Marijuana could be the Best Cure for Breast Cancer?

Although, medical science has progressed tremendously in the past decade or such, there are certain kinds of breast cancers which have been found to be resistant to conventional treatments. Medical research suggests that synthetic cannabinoids or phyto-cannabinoids (THC & CBD) are useful in treating all types and sub-types of breast cancers. The therapeutic potential of marijuana products is predominantly important for treating triple-negative-breast-cancer.


The other vital factor that plays for the use of marijuana products as breast cancer treatment is that they are relatively less toxic and safer in use than traditional mediations. It is generally observed that over a period of time, conventional medications also start affecting non-cancerous cells in the body, even causing their death. Although, marijuana products do come with some mild side-effects such as dizziness and fatigue, they are now being claimed to be comparatively better than conventional medicines which are mostly used for treating breast cancer.


Additionally, marijuana provides a number of other benefits to a cancer patient as well. The treatment of chemotherapy can lead to certain side effects in the body including loss of hair, nausea, vomiting and pain in certain parts of body. Nonetheless, anyone using marijuana as a medication doesn’t face such problems. When combined with conventional medications, cannabinoids work more actively. The synergized effect can be more path-breaking in comparison to when either of the treatments is employed alone. 

Future of Breast Cancer Treatment with Marijuana

Presently, considerable research is being carried out on the medical properties of marijuana and its use in breast cancer treatment. Even though, most of the work is limited to pre-clinical trials that mainly involves cell cultures, apparently, the future is bright for cancer patients.


It has to be understood or identified which part of the population suffering from breast cancer will react most positively to the cannabinoids treatment. Unless this is achieved oncologists would be just unwilling to prescribe the drug. Bulks of the oncologists who provide marijuana treatment in Michigan are hopeful that sooner or later, the medical fraternity will begin to accept the research findings and take a step forward.


Medical marijuana remains inaccessible in most parts of the world still despite its illegal presence everywhere. However, as the wave for medical legalization of marijuana is spreading across the world, cancer patients have a reason to be hopeful. Marijuana is all set to play an imperative role in the treatment of various kinds of cancers including breast cancer in the near future provided claims are backed by thorough clinical trials and research reports.

Got the new 710pen and have to say its pretty amazing. The LCD screen comes in handy after a long night out. I was at EDC in Vegas and used it all night Friday, when I got to my hotel Saturday at 9am?? it was at 342 hits and a quarter of the battery left. AWESOME!!!!

The funnel cartridge is the best cartridge on the market IMO. super easy to fill up, i remember walking from stage to stage and filling it up while i walked. which was a HUGE relief because some of the pens are hard to fill up, forget about walking and filling it up like I did with the 710 Pen! Plus you can't always stop or sit down, bust the tool out, get a lighter to heat the end so it drips off....no thanks.

My other note is how efficient it is. Oil, Wax, Budder - it rips thru all of them with ease and with no waste! My previous pen had all this build-up collecting from excess wax it was wasting but with this funnel they put in their cartridge there is literally NO WASTE. EPIC!!!

710 Pen
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3PWC February Photo contes

Contest rules and Instructions: participants must have a MMJ valid card.


•Like 3PWC on Facebook and follow us on twitter. @ 3Pwellness


•Pick up some free 3P Ogre stickers from 3pwc.


•Snap a picture with the 3P Ogre clearly visible.


•Send your most creative photo with our 3P Ogre to [email protected] Include your name and contact information.


All photos will be posted to Facebook. Make sure you get your friends to like your photo because the photo that gets the most Facebook likes will win a Bong!!


A second photo will be chosen by the 3P staff and dubbed 3P staff favorite and will also receive a Bong!!


Contest ends March 1st. The winner will be notified by 3PWC within the first week.



***Participants may not win multiple times in a calendar year****


***Photos must be sent to [email protected], those photos posted directly to facebook will not be counted***

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With all the cheap imitation trippy sticks on the market it was a daunting task figuring out which ones where authentic. I've been  researching for weeks until I came across an article in the iSee Kush forums. It compared different vapor pens. They praised the G-pen for its ability to be loaded manually with any full melt  giving it  better overall ratings over the Omicron, Vapor Rx and Atmos.  So my search was over. I ordered my pen and received it shortly after. It came in quality packaging similar to what you get an iphone in. The battery requires an initial 8 hour charge for the first 3 power cycles and comes with a slick USB charger and wall plugin.

(G-pen battery & G-tank are universally threaded to fit  almost all other pens  like  Vapor Rx, Atmost Rx,Vaporx XL,Atm rx, Omicron). 

After the first charge my pen was ready. Loading the extract in the G-tank is a simple process, with the provided Skilletool. Just remove the rubber cap from the top of the tank insert any desired Full melt concentrates into the G- tank,  directly on the heating element  which heats the contents  instantly vaporizing and the excess is absorbed into the wicking system constantly drawing towards the heat conserving and recycling  expensive Full melts.

(leave the rubber cap off to provide more air flow to the wicking system for larger hits)
The first hit was filled with pure flavor  the vapor was very smooth yet expanding as it produces surprising amounts  of vapor and even has a auto cool down feature to prevent burning but requires frequent dabs and at least .5 gram to get the wick saturated. Once  loaded and the wick is  fully saturated. Depending on the concentrate used the vapor will have little to no order making it ideal for discreet dabs anywhere.

G Pen Personal Vaporizer Vape By Grenco Science

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Cannabeast cares about Grandma's....

Yes, pot helps the brain fight Alzheimer's, according to journalist Clint Werner's Marijuana: A Gateway to Health.
 The notion that pot fights Alzheimer's is nothing new: A study published in 2006 by The Scripps Institute said that THC -- described as "the active ingredient" in marijuana, a notion since exploded by the discovery of other active cannabinoids like CBD, with hundreds others yet to examine -- worked better at stopping the spread of amyloid plaque in the brain than pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for the purpose.  THC blocks the enzyme which creates the plague that inhibits brain function, which means that marijuana can inhibit or halt entirely the spread of Alzheimer's in an older brain, researchers said. Stopping the enzyme's attack on brain cells is one thing, but marijuana use has also been linked to the creation of healthy, new brain cells, according to Werner's book, which was released last year (and is available on Amazon.com, we should mention).  McCartney and the rest of the Beatles first used marijuana in the early 1960s at the behest of Bob Dylan -- and who were the Fab Four to turn Zimmy down? The habit apparently took, as McCartney wrote "Got To Get You Into My Life" about reefer, according to reports, and spoke in favor of drug legalization in interviews well into the 1990s. If Rolling Stone asked him about legalization, Sir Paul was demure; the interview doesn't mention it one way or the other, nor does he say exactly when he decided he'd smoked a lifetime's worth of cannabis.  "I smoked my share," he said, adding: "When you're bringing up a youngster, your sense of responsibility does kick in, if you're lucky, at some point." He ended with: "Enough's enough --  you just don't seem to think it's necessary," according to the interview (which you can't read online, sorry; go buy a magazine, freeloader). So did marijuana use contribute to McCartney's longevity? Possibly, but since he and the other Beatles admitted to using that as well as LSD in order to create "Sergeant Pepper" and other records regarded as indispensable classics, seems as if it's immaterial at this point.  (Read morehttp://blogs.sfweekly.com
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End The War On Drugs

Russell Simmons, Will Smith, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Scarlett Johansson, Ron Howard, Mark Wahlberg, Kim Kardashian, Ben Jealous, Eva Longoria, Demi Moore, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Russell Brand, John Legend, Sir Richard Branson, Nicki Minaj, Harry Belafonte, and many others: NOW IS THE TIME for paradigm shift in CRIMINAL JUSTICE policies.....Click here to read more

The book that includes a multitude of familiar recipes offers guidelines about more advanced cannabis cuisines such as potato gnocchi with wild mushroom raga. For the first time in the history of the cooking world, a book comes out with scores of recipes for cooking yummy medical marijuana edibles.

To include the term ‘medical’ is imperative because marijuana legalization is yet to take place in many parts of the world. But, some countries and states in the US have gone ahead raising the ban over medical use of marijuana. McDonough, who has been involved with High Time magazine for the past decade or such, maintains that the purpose of stones cuisine is not to provide a typical high, but to make people aware of marijuana’s not-so-well-known brighter side. She maintains that the time you talk about a food item made out of cannabis, people don’t take you seriou

sly.  She also claims that it’s always beneficial to consume marijuana in the form of an edible than smoking it. Amusingly, the book, based on the concept of cannabis cookery has also got some useful information on topics like cannabis sauce.

In an interview with HuffPost, she spoke in detail about the greater advantages of consuming cannabis in the form of food than through smoking or vaporizing it. The effects last longer this way and even lungs are not affected. She went on to explain that cannabis, when cooked in oil or butter, becomes yummier. Cannabis patients who are reluctant to use saturated fats can include olive or coconut oil. However, while cooking, one should maintain a normal temperature as THC may degenerate at high temperature and loses its potency.

There is a long list of cooking recipes in the book which provide in-depth knowledge on various kinds of medicals marijuana edibles. The book mentions a wide variety of ingredients including dried buds, trimmed leaves, unpressed hash and others to start with. Both dried and fresh cannabis carry own trademark taste. Marijuana strains contain different kinds of chemicals such as terpenes and flavanoids. They may impart citrus or pine-like flavor to the foods. The book also suggests that marijuana pairs very well with chocolate and peanut butter. Some of the most popular recipes in the book include Pumpkin Pie, Rasta Pasta, Bean Soup, Reggae Rice, and Ganja Granny’s Smoked Mac ‘N’ Cheese. McDonough asserts that anyone aspiring to master cannabis cookery techniques must have patience and willingness to ‘innovate.’

It’s important to enjoy the food stuffs having cannabis as main ingredient with caution. One should eat slowly and restrain from over-eating. There are cases where people reported uncomfortable highs later. One should follow a ‘wait and watch’ policy to see how much and when the strain kicks in; person cooking cannabis food items has also been advised to follow a ‘slow and steady’ approach.

Depending upon one’s personal taste and preferences, one can try out any type of meat, tofu or vegetable in cannabis and enjoy the delicacy. Barbecue is also an option. Furthermore, presence of marijuana oils in the foods is highly effective for providing quick relief against a number of diseases. Marijuana oil equipments from Michigan can be used by the chef in order to easily extract oil from the strains and use them in sauces.

  Rapper Juicy J is the first Hip Hop artist to have screamed "Trippy Mane" on a song or video recording. Releasing two songs dedicated to the Trippy movement, it's obvious he loves the hash oil vaporizer. The newly signed Taylor Gang music aritst and legendary Memphis rhymer released 2 hip hop videos last year for those Trippy stick songs, "U Trippy Mane" and "Geeked Up Off Them Bars". "I didn't know what a Trippy Stick was until the Taylor Gangang started shouting it out" says blogger Drew H. of CKHiD.com . "Juicy J should definitely consider getting his own brand started up." Juicy J launched two videos in late 2011, promoting the Trippy Stick movement. The first Trippy song, "Geeked Up Off them bars", was produced by Sonny Digital. The music video itself was directed by Jake Handegard. Juicy J can be seen throughout the film smoking or holding a Trippy Stick in his right hand, inside a dark room.

The second music video, "U Trippy Mane", features new rap sensation "Kreayshawn" from the Bay Area of California. While Juicy J raps about being on a Trippy Stick, Kreayshawn is the only one holding any marijuana / hash accessories. Known for their "high music", the two mention various methods of getting 'higher' than a normal high.

[ Juicy J ft. Kreayshawn - U Trippy Mane music video ]

source: http://www.trippystick.net 

I was tired of picking up lower quality medications at inflated prices from the remaining dispensaries in my area. I decide to search IseeKush and came across 3PWC's Online Menu.The dispensaries itself is away from Pomona. There are a couple dispensaries still open but nothing matching the quality that I was seeing on their menu. They have medication in the THC levels of 20%. The mid shelf at 3p exceeded the top shelf from any dispensary in my immediate area at the same prices. So it was a no-brainer I took the trip and it was a lot shorter than I expected about 20 minutes. My registration was quick but thorough. Awesome graffiti art covers the walls of the shop.   The bud room is open they have edibles in a big freezer and a nice selection of medication by varying price ranges. I chose the Skywalker OG and the Dynamite diesel both were super stony sticky see my reviews. For a donation of $100 I received 2 heavy 1/8  definitely worth the trip I'll be back.

Skywalker OG Review 


Dynamite diesel Review


nastynexus: beat cd and some swishers.


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Advantages of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds for Beginners

The simplicity of autoflowering cannabis cultivation renders it a highly appealing method for many beginner growers. It is also an excellent option for growers in cooler climate zones who wish to grow outdoors, or on a windowsill or balcony As most cannabis varieties available from seed companies today are dependent on day length, specialised lighting [...]

The Stoned Society - Beware of contact high



During a press conference on Wednesday, Democratic congressmen from Oregon, Colorado, Washington, and California announced that they will push for legislation to loosen the restrictions on state-legal marijuana businesses.

The five representatives sponsoring reforms hope to ease the burden for businesses in the cannabis industry by allowing them to file for federal tax deductions, open bank accounts, and operate without fear of property or forfeiture claims. They plan to introduce three bills — the Marijuana Businesses Access to Banking Act, the States’ Medical Marijuana Property Rights Protection Act, and an amendment to the IRS code relating to state-legal marijuana sales — and will seek to attach these measures to other legislation moving through Congress.

“These are relatively minor technical adjustments,” said Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, “and in times past, things like this would find their way to be part of larger pieces of legislation.” The Hill reported that the sponsors believe the bills have “little chance at moving on their own,” but that they may make it to the president’s desk if they are included in, say, the broader farm bill being debated before Congress.

The Democratic representatives were joined by businessmen involved in the sale of legalized marijuana for the announcement. Aaron Smith of the National Cannabis Industry Association told the press, “We are asking to be taxed. We are one of the only industries in the country coming to D.C. asking, ‘Tax us, but tax us fairly.’”

Supporters of the legislation claim that it will help end the dangerous “cash only” nature of state-legal marijuana businesses as well as solving conflicts between state and federal laws on the issue.

Link: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/350273/democrats-promote-bills-loosen-restrictions-marijuana-industry-lindsey-grudnicki#comments

Source: National Review Online

Author: Lindsey Grudnicki

Obama Hazy on Confronting Marijuana Industry

By Hunter Walker, Talking Points Memo.

On election night last November, when voters in Colorado and Washington passed ballot initiatives making their states the first to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, they set the stage for potentially landmark legal battles that could define the future of American drug policy.


According to the AFP, German customs officials recently intercepted a package of cocaine in route to the Pope’s holy hideout in Vatican City. It was at the Leipzig airport where officers discovered a parcel containing 14 condoms filled with over 340 grams of liquid ...


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Brutality of NYPD “Stop and Frisk” Policy Revealed By Brendan Ferreri-Hanberry A new audio recording reveals a disturbing example of current NYPD practices, specifically the “stop and frisk” policy of stopping and searching pedestrians without warrants or probable cause. A 17-year-old named Alvin, who made the recording, explains in the video below that he had been [More]
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