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El dab, o concentrado de cannabis, gana cierta popularidad

La gran potencia de su colocón es su aspecto más controvertido, llegando a niveles del 90% de THC


Con nuevos y más complejos métodos de extracción también han llegado nuevas formas de consumo de cannabis, como los concentrados, que han hecho que el llamado dabbing esté obteniendo cierta popularidad en todo el mundo.

Los dabs son básicamente dosis concentradas de cannabis que se obtienen extrayendo el THC y otros cannabinoides a través del uso de disolventes resultando en un aceite pegajoso. Los potentes efectos del dab, y parte de la controversia de su consumo, resultan como consecuencia de que el THC puede llegar a niveles del 70% al 90%, lo que le da una potencia mucho más alta que cualquier variedad conocida.

Para su consumo se necesitan elementos como un soplete para calentar a altas temperaturas una superficie donde se colocará el concentrado, que forma parte de una pipa especialmente diseñada para este tipo de uso.

Además de la potencia del colocón y su mayor dificultad para controlarlo en relación a otros tipos de consumo, también se suman a la ecuación los ciertos riesgos del proceso de extracción del producto si se realiza de forma artesana. Aunque hacerlo en casa es posible, las recomendaciones dicen que se deje este aspecto a profesionales perfectamente preparados y en lugares bien acondicionados, ya que se pueden producir explosiones en el proceso. Aunque estas recomendaciones chocan con una legislaciones que en gran parte del mundo prohíben este tipo de prácticas. Nos lo explican en un vídeo los compañeros del portal ProCannabicos.


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Memorial Day Marks Start of Noxious Weed Dangers
Clearwater Tribune
But state noxious weed officials say it is also the start of the state’s greatest period of threat from the spread of noxious weeds. That means Idahoans headed out to recreate need to exercise special care in helping to prevent new noxious weed

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Dabs, or cannabis concentrates, gain in (controversial) popularity

One puff can be five times as strong as taking one hit off a marijuana cigarette


With new and more complex methods of extraction, new forms of cannabis use have also arrived, such as concentrates, which have made dabbing known worldwide and very appreciated by a new and young generation of consumers.

The dabs are basically concentrated doses of cannabis that are obtained by extracting the THC and other cannabinoids through the use of solvents resulting in a sticky oil. The potent effects of dabbing, and part of the controversy, result from THC reaching levels of 70% to 90%, giving it a much stronger high than any known variety. One puff can be five times as strong as taking one hit off a marijuana cigarette.

For its consumption are needed elements such as a torch to heat to high temperatures a surface where the concentrate will be placed, which is a part of a pipe specially designed for this type of use.

In addition to the power of the high, there are certain risks involving the process of the extraction of the product. Although doing it at home is possible, the recommendations say to leave this aspect to professionals and in well-conditioned places, as explosions can happen in the process. Slower Future offers a very interesting video recorded in a cannabis extraction facility to discover how dab is professionally made.


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U.S. News & World Report
Wine and Weed? Some Oregon Vineyards Try Hand at Pot Farming
U.S. News & World Report
Bryan is one of a handful of vineyard owners and winemakers in this fertile corner of southwestern Oregon who are branching out into marijuana farming after the legalization of recreational weed in Oregon two years ago. (AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus) The …


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Tucson Weekly
Hemp Haters
Tucson Weekly
Gov. Doug Ducey killed a bill that would have opened a new industry for Arizona farmers Monday, May 22. SB 1337, introduced by Sen. Sonny Borrelli (R-Lake Havasu City) would have allowed Arizona farmers to grow hemp for industrial use, which includes …
Gov. Ducey signs 27 bills, vetoes 6 in finishing up legislative sessionToday’s News-Herald

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Ganja worth Rs 60 lakh seized
Begusarai (Bihar), May 25 (PTI) Police have seized six quintal of ganja valued at Rs 60 lakh in Zero Mile police station area of Begusarai district and arrested two persons in this connection. Police today said that the contraband, kept in 73 packets

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ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein lives up to the “Gold Standard” within its name, as it is widely regarded as the industry leader when it comes to whey protein.

The biggest reason for their success is the unbeatable nutrition profile it brings to the table. Each serving offers 24 grams of protein, while also having low fat, cholesterol, and other factors that would degrade its value. Due to these main benefits, they have developed the whey protein that is now used as the measuring stick of success.

ON’s whey protein also delivers a stellar 5.5g of BCAAs with each scoop, as well as 4g of Glutamine and Glutamic Acid. Glutamine is beneficial because it is the most prevalent amino acid in your blood stream, and helps your immune system maintain optimal performance.

However, the biggest factor within this powerful nutrition combination is whey protein isolates. These isolates are 90% pure protein by weight, and are the purest form of protein you can find. Because of their quality, these isolates are the #1 ingredient in Gold Standard 100% Whey. This means that this product is packed with 24g of fast-acting protein that fuels your muscles efficiently and effectively, with an incredibly high protein content.

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Maui Now
Maui Cannabis Dispensary One Step Closer to Service
Maui Now
Today the Hawaiʻi State Department of Health issued Maui Grown Therapies a Notice to Proceed with manufacturing cannabis derivative products at its Production Center located in Upcountry Maui. It marks the third mandatory regulatory approval the …


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FOX31 Denver
Debate brews over Children’s Hospital marijuana study
FOX31 Denver
DENVER — The debate over whether more teens are getting high since marijuana legalization is heating up following the release of a study from Children’s Hospital Colorado. The study has found marijuana in more teens that are examined in the emergency …


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