Best Automatic Rosin Presses for Home or Commercial use


We have recently reached a milestone in the cannabis evolution, and not everyone is noticing. There is an affordable, safe and effective way to extract cannabis concentrates for personal or commercial use. Its called Rosin.


Rosin is a fairly new trending word on cannabis connoisseurs lips, and the “Rosin Revolution” has just begun. The cannabis market has always been innovative and development of extraction techniques has also evolved, literally exploding since 2013. A market force of consumer demand for high-quality cannabis concentrates is directing this revolution. Rosin extraction is setting new benchmarks when it comes to cost, potency, safety, and of course taste for hash oils.
There are many ways to make concentrates, some of the older more popular methods are BHO (Butane Hash Oil), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and Alcohol. These methods have seen their heyday since Rosin has been discovered in cannabis culture. Now Rosin is accelerating organically past with its many benefits from start to a finished product.

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Benefits of Rosin:

An initial investment of an extraction facility is one of the main limiting factors getting involved in a trending niche market. Ranging from $50000 to over $600000 for a setup, it still requires a lot of skills, safety precautions, all requiring money to maintain. Rosin requires as little as $500 outlay to invest in your future cannabis oil needs.
Significantly less start-up costs than other extraction methods, you can start processing your cannabis material into concentrate immediately while profiting using the rosin technique. Rosin requires no specialized scientific or engineering skills further reducing your ongoing costs. You will spend less time learning the skills necessary to compete with the master concentrate extractors.
One can expect yields between 5% and 30% net weight, depending on the quality of your source material. With Rosin being a fairly new technology, profit margins are still high and being a safer, healthy and profitable alternative converting to Rosin extraction could be your best decision yet.


Once you have smoked and experienced the flavors and aroma’s with a clear high you will be wanting more of Rosin. Extraction is all-natural and less harsh on the cannabinoids and terepenes. This allows for a quality final product which the market is demanding and steering towards.

Rosin concentrates are 100% solvent free, which eliminates the use of volatile solvents such as Butane. We have all heard shocking stories of “ BHO labs” exploding which is due to the use of a flammable accelerator being used. Butane is a flammable and volatile substance, and both novices and professionals have all made terrible mistakes. So not only does Rosin allow for a safer final product but also a much safer working environment.


Rosin is a simple method, it’s a mechanical process of heat ,and using either manual, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. Commercially available presses are designed giving you peace of mind when processing solvent-less hash oils. It’s straightforward to make your own concentrate at home using some parchment paper and your friend’s hair iron, but this is not recommended. You may ask, why? Cannabinoids are very sensitive to heat and you don’t want to have a substandard experience, so don’t use a hair iron.

Rosin makes it easy, you do not need a scientific background to get involved. Let us review leading-edge technology that has been designed and developed for the purpose of cannabinoid extraction at affordable prices both for the home or commercial user:

1.Tarik Rosin

T-Rex 3 by Tarik Rosin has been developed over months and launched middle of 2017.This press was designed for cost, portability and simplicity. An all-in-one press with an enail so you can extract and smoke from the same box.
“A really simple process, really easy to use. And very economical aswell” – Tarik



2. Nug Smasher
The Nugmasher Pro is a top of the line beast of a machine. Dual and precise temperature controls and a gauge to measure the exact pressure. 20 tons of pneumatic or manual pressure you will be pressing grams of fresh oils in no time.


3. Honey Habit
The Honey Habit mini pneumatic press is an all-in-one press with an enail. Dual heated plates allow for better control of your process, and heating of plates only takes a minute or so to reach your ideal temperature. Portable and affordable this press provides an efficient way to extract your cannabis matter into concentrates


Cannabis is versatile, effective and safe and one may conclude Rosin is the perfect partner. I hope to see more development in this niche extract market in the coming years to make it more accessible and widely accepted standard of concentrates. I have outlined many reasons why cannabis enthusiasts are turning to Rosin, with all new things I still wonder if Rosin will remain a cottage industry or develop into a mainstream method of delivering A-grade cannabis concentrates. One thing for certain, Rosin is here to stay.