Are you looking to buy a new portable vape? The good news is you have a TON of choices. The bad news? A lot of those choices just plain suck.


The market is flooded with cheap imitations and knockoffs from China. Even some of the more reputable vapes aren’t built to last more than a few weeks if you’re lucky. If you want something that will help you blog big clouds reliably there are a few things you should know.


First you should check whether the vape offers convection or conduction heating. Most vapers prefer convection, as it passes the heat through the dry herb instead of making direct contact. That’s not to say conduction doesn’t work well though, and some of the most popular vapes, like the Magic Flight Launch Box, use this sort of design.


Another factor that comes into play is whether or not you’ll use both dry herbs and wax or concentrates. Many vapes only work with one or the other. Some, like the Pax, the Firefly, and the Crafty, work with both. Personally I love the Crafty, as it offers two chambers so you can keep the sticky, gooey waxes separate from your herbs. The Pax has a similar switchable chamber, and is another very popular and reliable vape.


Others, like the high tech Firefly use pure convection, and feature all sorts of advanced features – we’re talking bluetooth control that allows you to dial in the exact perfect temperature you need. Really, your choice depends on your habits. Are you an outdoorsy type? You might want something more durable, designed to work in extreme temps (nobody wants to wait five minutes for their vape to heat up while shredding the slopes). More of a woodsy, meditative type? Something like the Magic Flight is probably more up your alley. Depending on your needs, it’s probably best to check a comprehensive list of the best portable vaporizers to find what might work best for your lifestyle.