How to smoke inside without getting caught | Smoke Dank Bud with No Weed odor

We all know the smell of good fresh weed can be a dead give away that you have been partaking in some dank bud. The smell can linger like a bad perfume and what you wish could be a private medical session ends up being smelt by near by neighbors due to the buds terpenes. Terpenes, often


Finally, a Pollen Extractor Machine that makes separating the Pollen and Plant Material quick and easy

Finally, a Pollen Extractor Machine that makes separating the Pollen and Plant Material of your Special Medicinal Plants quick and easy When you want to grow and enjoy your special medicinal plants, you also want a special way to have them blossoming and to make your home growing experience simpler and more efficient. That’s why

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How to Buy legal weed on-line with accessible dispensaries that delivery | $KPD

With the passing of medical marijuana throughout several states patients are now able to find dispensaries in their


How to make Buds Bigger during Flowering Organically | Get dense Nugs for beginners | $KPD

As a patient in accordance with prop 215 and unfortunately living in a city that does not allow delivery or dispensaries and being that I have severe anxiety when I leave my house growing is my only option. I actually have to grow my allowed yield. Guess what? I had no clue where to start or what to

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Ways to Make Money from Marijuana without Ever Touching a Plant

Marijuana, even after legalization, is still considered as harmful by a lot of people. However, the growing industry offers a lot of monetary benefits that attracts people and some of them want to get those benefits as well. Here we will discuss ways to make money from marijuana without ever touching a plant. Investing One


Refrigerator Raids for Midnight Munchies, Things to eat at night when stoned and hungry

You just smoked some Dank Buds or Dabbed some huge globs nd it’s midnight and you have the munchies. Many would take advantage of late night drive thru, am I right? We like to actually raid the fridge and or pantry. What are our favorites? My husband prefers a double decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass


Uncover the secret to picture perfect joints every time | Best Raw Joint Rolling Machine

Not sure if you are like me but I never learned to roll a joint when I was younger so here I am almost 37 years old and  I’m clueless when it comes to rolling a joint the song “rolling with the homies” (get it clueless I know I just dated myself) is  the only


Weed for trade over 5000 years ago….

According to a new study of the history of marijuana, that dispensary in your city or the young adult dealer blending into your neighborhood may not be the first marijuana dealer. Some 5000 years ago the Yamnaya nomads were trading weed as currency as they migrated into central Europe from eastern steppe region, which is

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How long does Marijuana stay in your system?

How long weed stays in your system depends on a few contributing factors. The key factors to determining


Remo’s CHEMO Kush @TheUrbanGrower | $KPD

Published by urbanremo 18+ Adult Information and Entertainment Good Video? Like/Fave & Share! 😃 SUBSCRIBE ————————————————————————- Want to

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Cannabis and Crystal Gemstone Pipes could enhance your intuition organically

Crystals have been around for a long time since ancient times. People have believed in the healing powers of crystals to help with spiritual healing. They are used for healing and meditation. Every crystal is different, from size, beauty and uses. Its said that you should choose a crystal that you are attracted to or drawn too.  “Different crystals have


Greenardo Cannabis Social Club Barcelona Spain oGreenardo Cannabis n Hash Bar TV @hashbartv | $KPD

  Published by  hashbartv This week Sean Kush visits another underground private cannabis social club in Barcelona and checks out the buds and shatter hash they have available to private club members. Sean also talks with one of the owners of Greenardo about the laws and regulations involved with the cannabis scene in Barcelona Spain.


Wax Liquidizer instructions NO Microwave Recipe [Organic Method]

Published by Cannasseur Council Easy 3 Step Wax Liquidizer Recipe: Items Needed: 1-2g Wax or Cannabis Oil Wax melter: Infrared Temperature Gun: Blunt Tip Needles: Needle Tip Plastic Storage Bottle: Organic vegetable glycerin: Wax liquidizer: Terpenes: Step 1. Add 2ml of Wax Liquidizer, .5ml Vegetable glycerin and 1 gram of your favorite Wax or oil đŸ”„đŸ”„đŸ”„



Published by CustomGrow420 21+older. Daily High Club quality supplies discreet delivery! This Cinco De Mayo themed box is filled with stoner supplies like Zen dragon bristle pipe cleaners, a DHC lighter/bottle opener, ice cream clear cones (smell like mouthwash) vegan blunt wraps, a Raw pocket ashtray, new glass and more! The glass is super sick in honor


Best Automatic Rosin Presses for Home or Commercial use

  We have recently reached a milestone in the cannabis evolution, and not everyone is noticing. There is